Thursday, July 27, 2006

Monsters and Turtles

I am raising a flock of cookie monsters.

I love cookies. But only homemade cookies. Slightly sweet, lots chocolate-chippedy and somewhat tender, homemade cookies. G describes them as "crunchy outside and fluffy inside." Dat's what I'm talkin' about.

Schnaygirl took the big ones to swim class (she and Schnaybaby are in class at the same time) while I stayed behind with little D to make the cookies. They all get out of the pool ravenous, so I thought it would be nice to end the weeks' class by giving them big fat treats. Schnaygirl was in on it of course, but kept mum so the kids were all lit with glee. Much fun. I especially enjoyed having that baby to myself. It so rarely happens, and we really got to have fun with one another. It helped fill my love cup significantly!

It's back to being perfect NW summer. We almost fell asleep in the balmy, sunny, 70-degree backyardedness.

Neighborgirl lost her turtle in our back woods when she put down his carry-basket to go pick blackberries with G. I feel real sorry for her, but I don't hold out much hope of finding Oscar. With a compost pile right on the edge, he's probably going to burrow in and we'll not see him again until he's as big as Presleydog.

After P-Daddy came home tonight, he met turtle challenge head on. After scouring the immediate surrounds with no success,
"Show me exactly where the turtle escaped!
"What time did he get loose?"

P-daddy spent a half hour building a "turtle trap."

I haven't seen the fruits of his labor, so I am not certain what that entails, but if it works I know two little girls who will be thrilled, and two parents who will feel relief that they've not just released 250.00 to the wild.

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  1. YEAH D-baby LOVE!!!!

    What the heck kind of turtle is it???