Saturday, September 08, 2007

Autumn Coming, the harvest is in earnest

It's kind of cool; kind of sad. It's funny, because I have been waiting impatiently for the things to be big / ripe enough to harvest and now I am sad because it means the garden is winding down.

Our biggest sunflowers are starting to topple, they're so huge, and some have happily turned to seed, while others are just beginning to flower. The potatoes are dug and we pulled a row of carrots. I should dig up the rest of the onions.
The corn's not brown enough yet, but the sickly looking zucchini plant has two zukes left and then I think it's done. Our Hubbard squash are still gigantic and growing, while we have three new acorn squash and two spaghetti squash starting to grow. The tomatoes are continuing to ripen at a snail's pace, so we've been able to just eat them as they come. The green beans are about done, while the pumpkins are just starting to change from green to orange.

I love this picture. Nick, processing carrots, with sunflowers and acorn squash behind him.

Can you believe we still have strawberries ripening?
This is the best garden we've ever had. Can't wait until next year's summer garden. in the meantime, we're going to plant greens greens greens for winter!

And she thinks I am taking a picture of carrots.


  1. I was so impressed with your garden yesterday! Yay you!

  2. Wow, how awesome! And N looks really grown-up in that photo.

  3. *sigh* Another season gone bu-bye. Looks like a good harvest to me.

  4. You have had an awesome garden this time around. Can't wait to see next years pictures too :)