Tuesday, September 11, 2007


364.00 sounds like a really bad car bill, but you know what? When it returns your vehicle back to silent, cat-like T&C running, jumps your gas mileage by ten mpg and disproves a head gasket theory---oh that's a happy paid receipt to have. P-daddy has asked me to formally request that the C-family release the flaming-van-off-cliff curse, thank you. When the mechanic* brought the van around, I thought he was giving me my keys as he opened the door to the waiting room. I came to him and he gestured excitedly at the van. "Your van!" he said, thumbing at the van parked by the curb. "Yes," I said. "My van."

"It's ON," he said.

"WHAT??????" I screeched. "It's ON????"

Then the big, happy grin of a mechanic who actually likes people.

*This mechanic (Danelle did you meet them when we changed P-daddy's oil?) has worked on P-daddy's car but not our van. He has helped us over the phone before--gratis-- but never actually laid eyes on the van. We really should have taken it to him first. Trying to save a buck, we probably cost ourselves waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than we could have. If you're in my area and need a mechanic I will gladly pass on the number!

~N~ started performance class tonight (theater) and really enjoyed it. It's a two hour class and he seemed to hit it in stride, despite never having been in a class situation alone before. I was really happy to see him come home (P-daddy picked him up) with a tired little grin. "I had fun Mommy, but I am glad to see you, too."

~G~ and I spent some time this evening reading back and forth to each other. She's doing so much better than she thinks she is. It's funny, because she thinks--really believes-- I buy the BOB sets for her. She likes them but she mows through them like so much spring grass. I buy them for ~N~, but the first set is what gave her the keys to the kingdom, as it were. She applied what she already knew, and gave herself permission to say she was reading.

Tomorrow ~G~ starts choir and is much less than enthusiastic. I hope she releases her tude long enough to let the fun in. She has actually asked to go back to ballet in lieu of starting music class, which is ridiculous if you know her. I feel bad about forcing the issue, but I also know the girlie and this is a passion of hers. I will not require a commitment from her in this regard, but I will require her to try it.


  1. WOOT WOOT! Great update. Tell Graham, I'm thinking of her while I sing tonight, too!!


    I officially rescind the flaming-cliffing curse. May your van have a long and healthy life.

  3. yyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy