Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Big Day

Big, Long, Tiring Day

Where the kids both woke up with different classes (in theater and martial arts) and instructors than they went to bed with. (Thank, you TFM!)

Where we enjoyed tooling around the waterfront in Gig Harbor for no other reason than we wanted to. We just played in the big grassy spaces, the kids climbed trees, and we walked the docks. D-baby notices everything and it was cool watching him discover the growth on the docks. Ever so often he'd stop in his tracks to peer over the edge of the floating dock to see what different kind of seaweed or barnacles was growing down there.

Where I canned my first quarts of peaches and yes, it was easier than I thought and even a little less tedious.

Where I made my third batch of homemade yogurt. I am really digging this, especially since I bumped up organic store bought cultures with bifidus and reuteri. My whole foods nerds will know what that means.

Where for the fourth time in as many weeks, some random stranger said in passing conversation, "my goodness [s]he's sharp," about one of our kids. Always those words, always with a vaguely surprised look on their face. Is it a compliment, like I take it when I just smile back?Or do I look like such an idiot that my kids are shockingly non-idiotic?


  1. Lory, please read this.

  2. Mmmm, canned peaches. Sorry, the foodie in me took over.