Thursday, September 13, 2007

She liked it!

I thought she might. I'd go so far as to say I knew she would, but that would be a lie. Girlie can surprise me, for sure. Her choir starts first, then they break and the adult choir comes in.

I am considering having Dad come pick her up after her rehearsal though, because that is just too long for her to be there, I think. She was pretty haggard by the time my choir rehearsal was over. She did rally at the last song the adults learned, however, and came up and sat next to me. She clapped in rhythm to the Jamaican inspired music and I didn't know until the end that this is a piece the kiddies are doing as well. Fun!

I finished the kids' learning plans for the homeschool year last night. I didn't want to just bang it out and I took the time she was in choir to finish it at a desk in the lobby. Under fine arts, I included a passage about experiencing and participating in the arts in the community at large, not restricted to being with other children. It's funny to me; I didn't expect her to do it an hour later.

Lunch on Wednesday was an impromptu trip to IKEA where we met the C-family and the Dafeelyas. :) Every time I swear I won't go back en masse, and yet still I go back, every time. Must be something about it we like!