Thursday, September 06, 2007

School Dayz

My homeschooling cronies have been hooting all week because it's not-back-to-school week and we're kind of crowing about it.

Even so, the Moms have been looking at curriculum (and by looking at it, I mean everything from "oo that's a cool knitting kit!" to "maybe I could be a boxed schooler!"), rejecting it, trying on scenarios, signing up for classes, etc.

~N~ starts theater class (I hope!) next Tuesday, and G-girl starts choir on Wednesday. We have a homeschool naturalist program through the YMCA Camp Seymour starting late this month and homeschool PE starting late October. I'd like to get them in a Spanish language program and piano lessons as well.

This morning they went through a huge work cycle, and while they have left a bit of chaos in their wake it has been one of those days where I pay attention enough to compare the content of their day compared to what I remember from public school at this age. It boggles my mind.

This is the second time I have written out a huge plan for the homeschool. The first time, G was three and I was trying to learn the Montessori method. This year I am doing it for very different reasons, but I think I will enjoy it nonetheless. Days like today really teach me that they are learning and that this is what homeschooling looks like for us.

I admit to thinking about some of my friends. This year, their "babies" start kindergarten. That's it. A lot of my friends have no children in their home during the day. What wouldn't I give for that freedom??????? Yesterday we went to the YMCA and the kids were belaying the climbing wall. There was a woman there talking about how much easier it was because her kid started school that day. She wasn't an irritating person and she didn't make it sound like her kid was a burden or anything. It was just a simple "yeah I get to spend some time with my friends, or get the shopping done."

I mean, I guess I know the answer to my question above, but sometimes I wonder what would the day be like if I could hear silence, or actually clean my house in an hour. I know, though, that life is not for me just yet.


  1. having just read Susan's entry about alone time and having it hit such a cord, having my neighbor not go to the cabin with her family to get the alone time, feeling the struggle myself right now... it is interesting to me how many of us are just craving me time.

  2. I know jsut how u feel, almost selfish to want the me time and still have the joy of watching them learn. Sigh.

  3. I'm hoping that in a couple years maybe we'll have afternoon playdates at friends houses or trips out with grandparents. Something that nets me some alone time, during the day, in my own house. Spending my alone time at the grocery store isn't so great.