Saturday, July 07, 2007

This is where I live

Click the link for a really accurate description of our current home. Tonight we're going to see an outdoor movie at Skansie park.

Earlier today we drove out to the gloriously lovely Hood Canal and had lunch at Twanoh State Park , where the kids enjoyed swimming and I won cool Mom points for packing their suits "just in case." While I don't recommend the park-- it's ugly, which is hard to do on Hood Canal, but it was a "resort" before it became a state park-- the trip had some interesting points. P-Daddy and I didn't so much as bicker while we drove around somewhat aimlessly, and the beach at Twanoh made a tinkling sound as people walked over the bleached, dried oyster shells crusting the high tide waterline.

Right now we're making tacos while we wait for dusk. I think I will make some popcorn to take with us.

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