Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Exhausted. EXHAUSTED. Or, B-O-Y-B-O-Y-B-O-Y

Yesterday it began with a delicious new flavor of berry cooler: pomegranate blueberry fizz, at Harbor Greens. We all enjoyed it. Within an hour, ~N~ had hives so bad I was damning myself for trying a different laundry soap. His back and trunk were livid from the waist line up with huge, welting hives. Gave him benadryl, gave him a bath, all was well.

I went to bed at 12.30.

This morning at 3 AM, he woke up puking and voiding the other end. Hives were back. I gave him benadryl again and sat with him on the couch until he fell back asleep.

5AM. Boy Jr wakes up wailing. Settle him back to sleep by 5.30.

7 AM. N pukes again, hives are BAD. On his knees, on his shoulder, on his ears, on his eyelids. Everywhere. Give him benadryl, he keeps it down.

Eats 4 eggs for late breakfast. Keeps it down.

Noon, hives start peeking out again and the itchies start. He starts to cry as his hands swell so fast it hurts. I give him benadryl at 12.45 and put him in an oatmeal bath. He starts to scream as his lips and eyelids swell. He shows me on his hand where he was stung by a bee yesterday Now, I don't know whether to attribute this to beesting or pomegranate. Call the pede.

"Go to the ER," they say. "Keep the epipen close," they say.

By the time we meet TheGreenMama at the (new! local!) ER, he has mellowed out from the pain, but now his feet and hands are swelling, along with his ears. His eye whites are red. On full adult doses of benadryl, he had hives from his scalp to his eyelids to the soles of his feet.

N-boy, do you have to do this to us quarterly?

The Doc-- incidentally the same doc who saw Nick for his last emergency, in 2005-- is putting his money on the pomegranate juice. So random. So random.

I am so tired.


  1. Oh my! You had quite the day/night. Hope ~N~ is feeling better and recovering from his brush with pomegrante. Hope you also get a good nights rest tonight. ((HUGS))

  2. my gosh girl! Wow! Freaky!

  3. ohhhhh! Sux! So sworry :(
    I was dragging Isabella to the clinic on Sat. after a FOUR INCH LONG! garden spider bit her foot and swolled her leg up to a watermelon... so I am so feelign you on this one.

    btw- thinking about gdoing my own blog. be on the lookout. I'm gonna title it "If I was As Cool As Lory" lol.

  4. oh wow honey that totally sucks. As a side note though are you going to have him tested to see if he is allergic to bees?

  5. Oh poor boy! Poor mama! I'm so sorry. Will you do the gammut of allergy tests or are you confident in the doc's assesment?

  6. That is so fucking sucktastic I hardly know what to say. (HUG)

  7. I'm so glad that N is looking like himself again! He sure knows how to freak people out ;)