Monday, July 23, 2007

Sitemeter Guilt

Sometimes I feel like I have nothing about which to blog. Then there are weeks like this past one, where if I even tried to abbreviate my life into a few blog entries, I'd be chained to the messy computer desk. People keep checking for updates though, and I feel guilty. Shah.

It's been a good week though; I remembered to go to both the Farmer's Market and the free day at the Tacoma Art Museum. I was able to spend my 27.00 (this is ~L~nomic replacement of the weekly CSA expenditure) on a good haul of fruits and veggies. I so rarely remember that I could have spent twice that and been in fine, but I didn't want to be wasteful. I love Farmer's markets. I am currently eating a cheesecake with local strawberries. I am thrilled because G loves cheesecake with an unholy passion, and we can never buy the beautiful strawberry one from Costco due to the allergy issues. This one looks just like it. :)

This time, the kids all participated in the arts room at the TAM. By the time we left, D-baby was insane so we didn't get too many stories in at the art library, but it was very enjoyable watching him paint and paint and paint.

Niki left us for Hawaii, so she has some interesting blog entries going on right now.

The Prof flew in yesterday from Gawgia and the first thing she said to me when she got off the plane was "It's raining." While she is from KY, she is a true Southerner now and I know what she's feeling; it's not that it's rainy, or that it's in the 60s. It's just that for her, it's a 30 degree temperature drop from her morning commute. It can be jarring. I promised her summers here were clear, because that's been my experience. Whoops. Tomorrow it's going to clear up for us all.

N-the-boy has an ugly full body rash, a clear reaction to something. I originally thought it was to some laundry soap but now we think it's from the dip he had in the pool earlier. Of course, D-meister is not reacting and he swam too, so who knows.

P-Daddy has some interest in a choice position with the county. That's giving us some serious food for thought. Gut = no movement right now.


  1. Woweee!!! I guess you have some stuff going on. Enjoy Miss Leti!!! Hope the weather is good for you all. Keep us posted! And Strawberry Cheesecake YUMMY!

  2. Lory - if our lives could be more parallel - H just took a new job with the state - thought it would be a good move and it has so not been right for our family - and there is no way to take a step back. I wish he would have waited a few years... go WITH your gut!