Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blowing off the Bridge

Alas, it is an historic day for Western Washington, when The Bridge is finally completed and opened for public inspection. What "public inspection" means in lay language is that tens of thousands of people will be on the bridge throughout today, being all civic and stuff. We fully intended to be among that number, so much so that we actually drove onto the bridge yesterday during the special-people's turn to promenade the new decks. We drove up almost to the bridge deck itself, then got out and began unbuckling children before we got shooed away by the security types. But today, we just decided "Um, no" We'd have to park at the airport or the high school and be shuttled in to be shoulder-to-shoulder with people from all over the state. The nail in the coffin was during church today when the pastor mentioned friends of his driving in from Spokane --leaving at 3 AM to get here on time for the ten AM open. So, so much: no, thank you.

So the boys have left to go clamming, the girl is at the neighbor's and I am going to sign off now and eat a cookie before filling up the new swimming pool Niki found for cheap. Woot.

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