Saturday, July 14, 2007

Flipping the switch

I talked to my Danny today. The second she answered the phone, I could hear it in her voice; I knew.

"You sound like .... you!" I exclaimed

Not one to beat around the bush, she replied "Yes, yes I do!!!!"

"When did it happen?" I asked.

"Sometime last's like someone flipped a switch."

It is so good to hear her coming out of her postpartum haze. Talking with Danny and listening to her newborn ew-glahing in the background, I felt my heart swell with joy and love. It's so strong, and even those of us dedicated to embracing that hibernation for it's best natural intentions (babymoon!!!!) still get overwhelmed by the sheer power of it. It makes us think funny things, feel odd emotions that are so out of sync with our perceived realities. It makes us say things that make no sense and make choices we won't understand later. I remember it in my life and I see it in the friends around me. I can't be there to bring her cookies or make crude jokes that make her laugh in spite of herself, so it was wonderful to hear her come full circle.

I have felt that switch flip, and I am glad it happened for Danny. I see it in others and I have to admit my heart aches, waiting for that switch to flip in another I hold so dear.

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