Monday, January 26, 2009

The sun is shining

I can't overstate how happy sunny days are when you're plowing through a PNW winter. You can actually see how vivid the green is in the forests around you and the mountains-- ah you can appreciate the white capped peaks when you can see the mountain ranges spread out in the distance. Generally, an open winter sky also means you're freezing your butt off, but it's a fair trade off.

I must admit, I don't mind temperate weather at all. I have acclimated to the summer temperatures and the winter is warmer, actually, than the cold bits of a Charleston winter. The fog and drama of the climate here is actually more than ok with me because it's changeable. I enjoy departures from the routine and the PNW delivers. Except-- when it's grey for too long. Then THAT becomes mundane. So I don't require a sunny winter, by any means. But I love the sunny days.


  1. I was just talking to an intern (she is from the south of France) on Sunday about how I can manage the frigid temps here (even below zero) as long as we have sun. I can sit in a sunny window and be OK. If it gets like last year where the grey was day after day - I really begin to *feel* it.

  2. I am so glad that you got some sunshine. It really does make things feel ok. Any news on the testing? ((HUGS))