Thursday, January 22, 2009

Needs / Wants-- the Tao of Bar Stools

Part of my foray into voluntary simplicity has been to use a heavy hand where it pertains to the defining line between needs and wants. I slide it a little farther toward "need" on the scale and try to go without. While I have some sparking examples of failure, generally it's been working to keep the net household intake in check. But there are some things I have gone without for far too long. I am about ready to snap.

Bar Stools.

I WANT bar stools. It offends me that my youngest never sat at the counter as a toddler while I baked cookies or muffins, like his big sibs. That he couldn't sit happily on a perch while I cooked and he ate a snack. I loved my bar stools. They were readily available and plentiful in Charleston, so I left them when we moved out here. Who knew, that like chicken, bar stools were valued like gold in Washington? I've been idly looking for inexpensive bar stools (15 ea at MAX) for four years. Not on craigslist, not on freecycle, not at yard sales. Do people here not use them or do they just covet them too much? Do they use them until they are worn into obsolescence?

I have to have them. Am I going to have to pay for them?


  1. Best of luck finding them. I have wanted some since I moved here and had a lovely counter for them. I have fond memories hanging out in the kitchen with my mom and sister.

  2. I love bar stools too. I have no idia were to get a good price here. I feel for u sweety

  3. My mother is trying to give away bar stools! 3 or 4! I'll send pictures.

  4. I have some from my MIL - I want some classy ones, but I will take what I have. FWIW - they are a premium here too - BUT you can buy some at IKEA. Don't you have an IKEA near you?