Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I watched the Inauguration with my Grandma

We were on the phone, she in her den, me in mine. I could hear her television from the East Coast, and I counted at least a 4 second delay of the live broadcast here on the West Coast. It was time enough for the producers to add extra graphics, apparently, as they did during Aretha Franklin's song. Grandmomma just saw lots of panning shots of the 4 million people gathered there, while we got to see location shots of Americam countryside interspersed with the teary faces.

I think it's cool we were able to watch it together. There's my big, meaningful post. "I think it's cool." Gah. I am writing like a 4th grader lately.


  1. That is awesome that you were able to share that with her!!! YAH!

  2. that is cool. We watched it here. The boys had so meny quetions. It was great.