Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So we had the appointment

D-meister stayed over at some very nice friends' home so we could leave for our early morning appointment on time. P-daddy stayed home so we could go as a family and so he could hear everything firsthand.

This new allergist has a markedly different personality from our first guy in Charleston. That alone brought some comfort. He seems kind, and sure enough of his place in the universe that he doesn't have to prove how awesome he is. The other guy was indeed extremely competent, but he had the urge to let everyone know it.

We gave him copies of the last 7 years' blood tests and he agreed with me that a skin test would be inappropriate for G-girl. When he saw N-man's timidity, he thought they wouldn't be the best idea for him either. He also thinks that N-man and I share some weirdo missing skin element that makes our skin tear up so easily, and that this factor, not necessarily an allergy, is causing the eczema.

They don't do blood draws in that office though, so we had to go downstairs to wait for a lab to actually find a phlebotomist. Apparently the tech on site had to leave, so they were pulling in someone from another lab. After a 45 minute wait, the kids were finally able to go back.

G-girl is really optimistic about this whole endeavor and has done heavy coaching of her brother. He's been terrified of getting his blood drawn. No matter how many times we described --and minimized-- it to him, I think he still envisioned some Jack the Ripper slitting his wrists. Add in the approaching-lunchtime hunger and the 45 minute wait, he was hard to get in the chair.

He finally relented when I let him sit on my lap for the draw. At 6.

We will know in a few days what the results are, and what our next steps are to be.


  1. You and yours have been in my thoughts and prayers. I am praying for good results!!! I know the blood draw scene way to well. UGH!!!

  2. *Waiting, waiting and more waiting*

  3. Hoping you find all the answers you need. Hugs to you!

  4. This is exactly what we went through with Liam at Halloween! Except I never made an appointment with the allergist. He's only 3 and I'm chickenshit. I really really really hope this means she's outgrown it! Damien and my nephew both outgrew peanut allergies. I thought it was too much of a miracle for Liam to do it, too. My gut is telling me he really has, but I'm still not ready to have him tested and trial it.

  5. Oh, I forgot... We have the same weird eczema skin thing according to our allergist. They can tell b/c we have super thin skin or something. I read something about it about a year or so ago. We apparently aren't making enough of a certain EFA, I think GLA? and that's what causes the non-allergy eczema. Anyway, take lots of evening primrose oil. I have been taking 1300mg a day right now. My skin is a little dry and itchy, but it's never been this nice any winter that I can remember as far as eczema goes. :)

  6. I just found this: https://healthlibrary.epnet.com/GetContent.aspx?token=e0498803-7f62-4563-8d47-5fe33da65dd4&chunkiid=21587 Apparently I'm taking half the recommended amount, so maybe if I take 2 of my 1300mg gels, my eczema will go away completely. :)

  7. I've been thinking about this upcoming draw! Goodness... I couldn't get a shot or blood drawn (anything with a needle) without holding onto my ratty old pound puppy and lying down until I was in middle school. No kidding. And then, of course, we found out that even with a finger prick, I pass out from blood draws if I'm not lying down during and for about 5-10 minutes afterwards. It was a good thing I'd been lying down with my stuffed dog all those years to get poked :)


  8. No results yet?