Monday, January 19, 2009

Don't have much to update

I have been spending a lot of time lately waiting. Waiting for invitations, waiting for free time, waiting for the allergy test results, waiting for packages to arrive. Just a lot of waiting. I don't do confused and I don't do well with waiting. I need those packages to finish projects. I need the allergy results to know what our next steps will be with G-girl. I feel somewhat stalled.

But that's not entirely accurate, either.

Life is moving forward-- we're keeping in good touch with our friends, we've started classes again at the Y and the theater. I'm better organized in the hall of learning (school room) and my new supplements regimen is helping out. I have experienced a huge reconnection in my personal life and that has occupied a good chunk of my time as well. I am finishing up the scanner job that got pushed aside with all the snowy festivities. I am enjoying it, but it takes TIME. Time you'd think I would have with all this waiting.

P-daddy is playing house-husband while I do this stuff and in other ways, sit on my butt. So I guess at the end of it, I am actually very busy, yet I still don't have much to update. Perhaps it's not my daily life that lacks the spark, but my inner muse. I suppose I can wait for it, too, to come back.


  1. waiting sucks. Never been good at it myself. been prying for G girl.

  2. I am crossing my fingers for you to have positive results from the allergists. I am sure the wait is awful! Glad you you have such a good guy to support you! And I am with you, patience has never been my strong suit.

  3. Being in limbo is a bizarre state. I'm glad you aren't succuming to it.

  4. When I read hallway... I was thinking you changed your hallway into a library... Like created bookcases in the walls. We have a couple of those that Ed did - and I had my dad build bookcases that fit into our hallway - Makes all the difference!