Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Rents are in town

So far things are going well. They're tad jet-lagged but really engaging with the kids and us. It's been nice so far.

Of course it's HAWT, so we have full redneck curtains going; and really, when you have sheets and towels hanging in the windows, how worried about the state of decor can you be?

The nice thing about the horrible heat inside is that when you're dealing with vacationing Charlestonians in August, 83 degrees (even inside) isn't that much of an imposition. If the a/c goes out in Charleston, you're looking at a lot more heat than that on the inside. Trust me- we did it with a newborn in July. Wasn't pretty!

Our family has pretty much acclimated to it, (memories) and it happens every year at least once or twice, but I find it amusing that we're trying to entertain whilst only moving in the morning.


  1. sending you an abundance of patience ♥ and a cool breeze or 20 :D

  2. time to get out the kiddie pool for the grown ups :) Love red neck certens. There the next best thing to putting up cardbord to conpleatly block the sun :)