Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who says I am uptight?

This is how Mr. Man chose to greet his grandparents on their recent visit.

Anyone willing to implicate an older, female sibling would not be exactly wrong.


  1. would not be EXACTLY wrong? I love the leg bend...

  2. oh this is an awsome pic of daddy love

  3. Heehee... Kids are amusing.

    There's no special green bean recipe. Cut the beans, rinse, put two pinches of (kosher) salt in a quart jar, fill with boiling water and squish with the clear plastic ruler-looking thing, add a little more water, put on lids and rings, and pressure can for 25 minutes (20 for pints and half pints). Just what's in the Ball Blue Book or the Complete Book. :)

  4. Like I said I have a picture of Ethan (actually several... LOL) dressed up in girly frilly stuff thanks to his sister.