Friday, August 29, 2008

One of those easy to report weeks

It's "back to school" for us and it's been a fun week. I can't say we went out of our way to do anything differently; we just pay different attention to our lives, so that we can remember to report it. We attended swim classes, went rock-wall climbing and worked on some story writing. We had a tie dye party and finished up the structural work on the treehouse. When we finish the week up, we'll have had guests five out of seven days. It's been busy.

This day in particular was funny because it was the middle boys leading the charge on a full-out project. It's days like this that make being an "eclectic homeschooler" really enjoyable. I knew they were picking berries. That's standard fare around here. I had no idea, initially, to what task they had set themselves.

The boys picked copious amounts of blackberries, huckleberries and strawberries. As evidenced by what they did with them, they've been paying attention to all the canning we've been doing. They even set aside a smaller bowl of berry mash and let the three year olds eat that, so the big boys could continue working unmolested.

One of my berries was THIS BIG!

Slow and controlled!

Almost done!


Mr. Man also lost his second tooth. Sniff sniff. He was more interested in showing that off than displaying his handiwork.

When Niki came home to her children, she asked her son,
"How did you get
berries in your hair?"


  1. Ah!!! I love seeing them in action that is awesome! My kids are showing more interest in cooking and I need to be better about pulling them in. Enjoy!!

  2. What I love is that you let them do it. So many parents would freak about the mess or the clothes. That is what is so cool

  3. looks very tasty. Futer hseffs of Amarica.

  4. i just bought some wool to make a wool cover - just haven't done so yet. :)

    i've been using some fleece and lots of cotton. i'm trying to use as much recycled material as possible to start out with.