Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Well, not lazy for the guys. I am happy Grandaddy gets to help with the treehouse.

Think they missed each other? It had been about a month! N-man was in serious withdrawal!

Tea time. My dh is such a hobbit. We have photo after photo of him imbibing from oversized containers!

Niki has a flower on her head.

It looks charming and innocent.. but these are the two who put those flowers on the ground to begin with. And now there's a stick... and cheering.... hmmmmm


  1. visions of a certain elf man attacking a rose bush came into my head on this one. Now it is Dman attacking the sunflower bush

  2. omg you are so so right!!!!!!!

    you know-- she WAS at his birth--- hmmmm

  3. OMG!!! That was exactly what I was thinking too. CRAZY!

    I love that the tree house is coming together! And yes we are a tea family also. ;)

  4. I am so so happy to be seeing photos again. Been having some withdrawl myself.

  5. my aunt! i knew you were hiding somewhere on the internets. :)

    actually I came across your sn on MDC (and link to your blog) as I was gathering info on nut allergies for a friend of mine.

  6. My niece!!!!!!!

    Search this blog for the "allergy" tag and you'll find a lot of info on it. Also in the sidebar, there's a link to the Bakehouse on food allergy.

    And if you search the blog from years past, oh, about May.... you might see someone you know! :)