Tuesday, August 14, 2007

St. George and the Dragon

Edited to add link above

~N~ loves theater, with a pretty steady passion. Especially after taking a theater class last summer, he's been bitten by that bug. This year, instead of being shooed aside, he actually won a role in his favorite act at the fair. Robin Hood comes every year and with Maid Marion, directs an impromptu show. ~N~ was St. George, who rescued the fair maiden, fighting dragons, rascals and even death to do it.

In the cast!

On the quest for the bad guys!

Slaying the dragon

Oh no! Felled by a bad guy!

Checked by a concerned audience member

St George Saves the day!

Take a bow!

More pix here.


  1. Oh!!!! How cool!!! He looks like he did wonderfully too!

  2. That's my Boy!!! I'd give him an Oscar. :) XOXOOXOX

  3. hmmm? could have sworn I responded?!? This looks like so much fun - I am so glad he was able to be involved!