Monday, August 06, 2007

She's gone mad....

Now that I have gone to the Renny Faire and not been bowled over by the sheer coolness of it.......

I love it more!

and so does P-daddy! Yipppeeeeeeeee!

So now we have to costume ourselves for next year. The kids can costume themselves now from the dress up box, and I have a few things, but P-daddy has nothing. By next year we should be sufficiently outfitted. I love this stuff.

I am very interested in this as our hobbies are actually going to be skills that serve me well in this endeavor: P-daddy's beer brewing and woodworking, my knitting and beadworking. The kids , well heck they still have a full bore imagination going on!

Check this link out: (beware, only knitters will find this interesting. )

~L~in the grotto behind the food vendors. See our new friends in the background?

Butterfly princess cloaked in mystery in the grotto (costume by Niki!)

P-Daddy found the beer garden

My boys have no sense of relative size when it comes to swordplay!


  1. Neat link. I was surprised to hear they didn't use ribbing.

  2. I still see no pictures of kidness. Ahem.

  3. You look fab, love the shirt!

  4. that is sooo cool for him! And yes I agree - you look marvelous!