Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Susan Boyle Saves the World

Go here to listen to this crazy wonderful YouTube video: Susan Boyle

Aside from the rather cynical satisfaction I received from watching someone gobsmack Simon Cowell and make Piers Morgan express genuine emotion, this middle-aged, lonesome cat lady brought the PIPES. A jaded, mocking audience rose to its feet within seconds of her even beginning the song. Clearly unafraid and confident, living solely in the moment of fulfilling her dream of singing to a gigantic audience, she delivered an intense and professional delivery and then promptly walked off stage. She came, she delivered, and she left.

They called her back for her accolades, but the reminder it brought me (and judging from the instantly viral youtube of her performance, millions of others) was of sheer joy. The whole underdog thing, the pleasure the arts bring us all, the whole "something is still going right in the world" just brought me to tears. This is for everyone who has hidden their light under a bushel, anyone who has been misunderstood. I hope you'll watch it and get a lift as well.


  1. Love it. She gives me chills. That voice SHOULD be singing for the Queen.

  2. That was simply an amazing performance. I was sad to see the expression of the people before she sang. Its sad that we live in THAT kind of world. Go SUSAN!!!