Saturday, April 04, 2009

Fire Station Tour

Our homeschool group had the privilege of attending a fire station tour yesterday. Bonus: another mother set this up for us! She said she'd heard this was the best station to access for this kind of educational tour and she wasn't wrong.

The kids really got to see everything they had going on, and I admit to being very impressed with the station. We had two firefighters and a liaison leading our group through every nook and cranny of the station. The children went in every office, met the fire chief, saw the day room where the firefighters relax, explored the kitchen with its bank of refrigerators, and even went into the cells where they sleep.

The tour moved outside at this point and the kids saw the huge garage, where they were allowed to explore a fire engine and a first response ambulance. The kids were amazed at both the ski-dos and the boat, and their presence launched a discussion of living in a harbor city, and how the municipality takes care of the docks and the boats. Not one of them missed that there was a gaping, clear area in the garage and the liaison let them know that they were correct, that engine was out on a call.

One of the firefighters gave a demonstration of all the gear they wear into emergency situations and then held a Q&A for the kids. It was an in depth tour, and the parents learned things new to them, as well.

The next time N-man saw the firefighter who lives next door, he rattled on about it all, and the neighbor just smiled. I have to admit, I like firefighters!
Diffendoofers: If I have not sent you your pictures, please let me know!

While I want to share our homeschooling projects, it is a compulsion for me to write it "down" because I want to demonstrate the kids' experience, not my perceptions. I was writing this blog and thinking, "You know, I sound like a kid writing a report. What a great idea!" G-girl wrote it up, and when I told her she'd written a "report," she was a little surprised. I love how learning sneaks up on our kids. G-girl knows a lot of the buzzwords from her friends in school, but it all seems like an intimidating mystery until she realizes just what they're talking about.

and I SO miss my photo editing software.

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