Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So let's pretend things are perfectly normal, shall we?

Today it was an off-to-Tacoma kind of day, despite the guilt that went along with it. I spent the morning moping, cleaning and applying for jobs. Heartened at what's out there, despite it's ill-suitabilty for my lifestyle. I wish I could find a "applying for federal jobs for dummies" thang. I want to sequence into environmental lovins. If I have to work, ok. But I'd really rather not run a home daycare. Really. I will if I have to (gratefully!)!

So anyway I took our digital cable box into the comcast store today. I have had this planned for, not kidding, a year, for homeschooling / family lifestyle reasons. Now that I have an added impetus, I finally made it in. I forgot the stupid power supply, so P-daddy will have to take that in tomorrow, but I did finally do it. The boys visited Barber Jon, who they love so velly velly much, and while D-meister was disappointed that he didn't come out with "thorny hair," N-man is well satisfied with his close trim.

So crazy Mommy decided to try just.one.more.stop. Moms of littles, do you hear me? That voice that says "you can do it," despite knowing that the buzzer has gone off, the expiration date has passed, for good behaviour in your kids. We went to Trader Joes. The kids actually did quite well, despite the clear necessity for toileting in unison mid-trip. They found the stuffed dog and claimed their reward, life was good. It was only at the checkout line that things got interesting.

"No, please stop touching that. No... hey, come on now. Dude! PLEASE go stand at the front. Right there, yes, ok THANKS, man!"

From the big sister, a very stringent, "No! D-meister, N---" that was cut off by the blaring of the fire alarm. Yes, yes, the fire alarm that blasts throughout the store, scaring small children and the elderly. The system that flashes lots of pretty lights. The system that calls the fire trucks instantly. The fire alarm that can't be silenced by merely setting the same switch to off. That one. They had it muted by the time we left, but not "off."

And you know what?

I had D-meister apologize (I wasn't mean, and he was plenty aware) and the managers, neither of whom apparently had the code to shut it down, were so so nice to him. I LOVE Trader Joes and whoever decides their hiring practices.

More good news today on the economy front; a good friend has been rescued from her own impending unemployment. In her case, truly bigger and better. It can happen!


  1. Appying for Federal Jobs for Dummies.. Hey GUESS WHERE I WORK??

    Get ahold of me on Yahoo or via email.. I will give you my work email on facebook.. I love love you Lory and I promise it gets better!!

  2. (((((((((bighugs))))))))))