Friday, December 19, 2008

The snow, The snow

We got 6 inches of heavy snowfall yesterday, during which I experienced the idyllic winter home day. The snow kept falling all afternoon, which made a beautiful counterpoint to the crackling we kept fire going in the woodstove. The indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations looking so pretty against the snowfall, and everything came together with great holiday music and a fragrant holiday kitchen.

The children sledded most of the afternoon at a neighbor's house then had hot chocolate and snacks there. It was restive for me and exciting for them-- the perfect combination, I think.

The snow had just begun to fall when they started building snowmen.

About mid-day, right when it started to fall harder.


  1. HOW cool!!! The kids look like they are having a blast. And you have a beautiful home, I think that is the first picture I have seen of the outside.

    I am hoping one of these years we will make it to see snow with the kids.

  2. There has been snow (and ice) this week all over the country! It's amazing and beautiful for most of us.