Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow Day

G-girl was the last to wake up and came sleepily into the living room.

"Whoa!" she grunted loudly from somewhere deep in her throat. Suddenly, she was not the sleepy morning girl.

Last night, I lay in bed and watched the snow fall by the light of the bright, full moon. It was beautiful. As I write this, my children have not had breakfast and are all out cavorting in their snowsuits. We all enjoy in our different ways. What a good Christmas season!

Lucky for me, P-daddy took the pictures for today's entry!

The Presley dog cometh

A snow man will be built, by George!

Snow on the Bloom. I love Christmas Roses.

D-meister's about to pound some Daddy.


  1. We got snow again today, too!
    But ours was accompanied by 50-60 mph gusts, so going outside is not as much fun.

  2. we got snow too. It is still coming down now. I hope toamrrow is a nice snow day.