Sunday, February 10, 2008

Unit Study at Hogwarts?

I need some fun! And Lapaz Homeschool just gave me some direction with their Unit Study on Hogwarts.

How much fun does that look? I know at least one other family who is into that kind of stuff like we are. This is gonna be fun.

Tiny snippet for the lazy people who won't click the link:

Potions, Charms, and Spells

(I will be adding these daily)

First year students will learn many skills that will be important for potion making, as well as some simple potions, charms, and spells.

Your teacher will supply you each day with instructions for this class so that you do not do something foolish by working ahead. You must keep a journal to record what you have done (including ingredients, procedures, spells, chants, wand motions etc) and what you have hopefully learned.

Study well, as knowledge of potions and charms is a powerful weapon against dark forces!

Potion 1: Goblin Slobber

Goblin slobber is a potion which is particularly effective against being followed through woods and caves. Just drip some goblin slobber on the path behind you and anything that is chasing you will be driven away.

You will need:

One flask of water

¼ measure instant goblin slobber(dehydrated)

1 full measure Manticore milk

1 full measure water

3 drops goblin blood

Cauldron (mixing bowl will do if you have not yet received your cauldron)

Your wand, of course.

  1. Rehydrate the goblin slobber:Pour the instant goblin slobber into the flask of water. Stir briskly with wand to dissolve while chanting “soluloso aqualitem.” Repeat until fully dissolved.
  2. Into the manticore milk pour the measure of water and the goblin blood and stir, repeating incantation.
  3. The final step is to pour the two solutions into the cauldron and stir well chanting “goblinatum sloberosum.” You may need to adjust the quantities, so add them slowly.

(Note to professors: muggles will know these ingredients by different names. Instant goblin slobber= borax. Manticore milk= Elmer’s glue. Goblin blood= green food coloring. flask=quart, measure=cup)


  1. oh soooo much fun. I have herd of this once before. Sounds great.

  2. Have fun with it! We sure did!

  3. I will be heading over there as soon as I have finished reading blogs today!

    We are both grumpy and croupy, so after doing some math, N. has popped in Star Trek: Save the Whales...oops, I mean Journey Home.
    I am writing to whale song!

    And now there is the promise of more magic later.

  4. That looks like so much fun! I need to start a notebook of homeschooling ideas and resources since many of the ideas I find are for older children than mine are right now...