Friday, February 22, 2008

It's ON like a MathATHON!

This month Niki fired it up over on her place and we will be joining the families who participate. If you're local, come on and bring it! We'll be using the discount theater in FW as the reward site.

The kids are psyched about it. They're such good little sports, I swear. They love math too, so this should really help them bone up on their base skills, as well as branch out. We have the Right Start curriculum we have been trying out this year, the Montessori materials, and workbooks and internet printsheets out the yang.

I can't believe I was so stressed about math. As a baby homeschooler, in the "can I do this??can I really do this??" phase, I was really stressed about three subjects: math, foreign language and music. I can do music appreciation until the cows come home, but my teaching skills in anything other than voice and reading notation leave much to be desired because, well, I don't play an instrument. I badly want them to be able to play at least piano. I have relaxed significantly about the music, completely about the mathematics, and I remain verklempt about foreign language. I continue to speak French to them, for goodness sake, when I want to be teaching them Spanish.

So anyway, as we were doing our math today. I mentioned to G that we were invited to a mathathon, and she flipped out. Then she wanted to know if her math card games were included in the count, and I assured her they were. C'est finis! ;)

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  1. Well, I know I can't quite play in MN - BUT I thought I would share the sheet that H1 is going to be doing each morning to make the basic facts memorable to her - you know this has been such a struggle. She needs to fill in the sheet each day - or every other, until it is like second nature. Doing math facts with her has been so tough - and somehow she really likes this method.