Saturday, February 09, 2008

Caucus Today-- or it doesn't count

Democrats caucus in this state despite how it appears on the absentee ballot you may have received.

Your ballot vote will not count in the mail-in primary if you are voting for a Democrat.

Why they do it this way (include democrats on the primary ballot) I have no idea, because it certainly creates confusion. It is all too easy to feel like you have done your civic duty when you lick that envelope and check the appropriate boxes.

Caucus is today at 1:00.

Click here to find out where you need to go to caucus.

The Democratic party in WA has this to say:Why is Washington State having Caucuses and a Primary? The Washington State Legislature was the body who voted to hold a primary. The means that the Washington State Democratic Party, which chooses how delegates are decided, had no participation in the decision to hold the primary, which will cost $9 to $10 million. The Washington State Democratic Party decided to choose their delegates through the Caucuses, as it always has. As a result, your vote for a Democratic candidate in the State Primary will not count toward delegate selection.


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