Monday, December 03, 2007

Three years ago today,

we became Washington State residents.

It's hard for me to understand, but it's true. Sometimes I can't believe it has been that long, and sometimes I think "only three years?"

~N~ thinks he was born here and has no recollection of the "place" of SC, only the feelings and the people. ~G~ remembers, but things are fading; she told me this morning she can't really remember what a proper sandy beach looks like. ~D~ was not yet born--barely--when we flew into SeaTac at 6.30 that evening. It is incomprehensible for someone born and raised in a wholly Southern family, as I was, to have my children not know our city like they know their mother.

Time keeps on rolling for us all, and some friends from our past stay fresh and constant while others have faded into their own lives. We still love them and miss them all. We had family-friends in Charleston. I still think this was such a horrible time of the year to move away from family, to try to sell a house. Yet, I am wholly grateful we didn't have to deliver ~D~ unassisted, as we had planned. All blessings come with a balance, I think. We would be hard pressed to imagine our lives without our newfound friends in it, and were we to pack it all in and go back East to a culture we (adults) understand, we'd have a whole other group of people we'd sorely miss.

I do not pretend now, sitting here, that I have any idea where this family will be in another three years. I do intend for us to be as much a unit as we are now, together and thriving. Beyond that, I dare not hope for more.



  1. Know just what u are talking about. We never really leave the places we loved. Our hearts linger at times. Tomarrow is just another day. Rite now in the moment is a good place to be.

  2. ITA with Marie, even though I miss ya!

  3. Missing you like crazy.