Friday, December 21, 2007

Literacy is Good....and Funny

~G~ has really been feeling her oats lately with writing. She writes us notes all the time, knowing how much we love to read them. We get many of them at bedtime, asking us to sleep with her, or to let her stay up, etc etc. That's what I thought this one was going to be.

P-daddy had installed the new shelves in the school room and ~G~ was helping em put the supplies back up. We'd gone along at a steady clip when I realized it was way past her bedtime, and I sent her on, telling her I knew how tired SHE was because I was about to drop myself. We had a solstice gathering the next day and I knew we'd all be exhausted; she needed to sleep.

About ten minutes after I sent her to bed, in comes this note, careening to the floor:
I want to be with you. You'll never make it without me.

I burst out laughing, and told her "You know, you're right. But we're both still going to bed."