Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Here is where I blog about our first gingerbread house

~G~ especially loved the marzipan characters.
Look at the window. This is one o'clock in the afternoon, and it is not raining.

Hands Hands Hands

Our little architect

The Bluest Eyes....

Doulapunk gave me the head's up that the kit at Trader Joe's is clean this year, (thank you!) so we used that one. It's a little kit but it was perfect for our first venture.

The problem is that the children have every intention of consuming the entire endeavor. Amongst themselves, quite amiably, they have decided who gets what part and every few hours or so go sit and stare longingly at it, admiring it's every detail.

I am not sure exactly what I thought would happen when we built a house made of cookies, but here's where we are!

Do you eat your gingerbread houses?


  1. How funny, we made the exact same house this year! My kids loved it too. We ended up not eating it, because after it sat out for a few days, the candies and cookies were hard. Sure looked cute, though!

  2. Phoebe eats the marzipan people and cat and then we put the rest out for the squirrls and birds. Happy solstice to the animals!