Sunday, April 08, 2007

You can tell the weather is nice

by when I disappear...........

Pictures to come. :) Pictures here! :)

We went on an Easter egg hunt with the Schnayfamily at their church. Children in G's age group, hunting eggs, are like locusts swarming a wheat field. It was funny-scary. The men in charge of the Easter Egg hunt were endearing. It was a fabulous, well-thought-out event and the kids all had a blast. They had an Easter Bunny there, which was nice for the kids, but they also had Knights of Columbus wandering about making sure every child's basket was full of eggs and bags of candy. Very sweet.

Who needs Easter Eggs when you have colorful boys to take home?

Meeting Easter Bunny for the first time. That's as close as he came, and that's quite a grip he has there on Mommy's hand. He didn't cry, but he surely wasn't moving any closer to the big furry thing.

~N~, showing me his take. ~D~ and Schnaybaby in the background, trading their take.

This is a little girl who takes her egg hunting seriously.
(Yes, there was an egg under there!)

At home, we dyed Easter eggs using dyes we made from coffee, blueberries and greens. We also used some oil-based dyes that let the eggs get a tie-dyed appearance. The children painted the eggs with a food-safe paint first and then dip dyed theirs: amazing.

The children begged, when it hit 70 degrees and was "so hot, Mom, like South Carolina, to have the sprinklers run. Despite me thinking "Holy Moly they're NOT from the South anymore," I admit I indulged them.

After all, it is my responsibility as a homeowner to test the sprinkler system come Springtime, yes?


  1. *LOL* 70 degrees. Well, remember Marion Square? Once it hits 70...everyone gets NEKKID.

  2. Yeah, they're not from there. :)