Thursday, April 19, 2007

Life is Good

It is. It really really is.


So we actually drove in the van. We've been given the green light to drive it locally, but with a failing head gasket and a scary engine whine, I don't do it. At all. So for two weeks I haven't driven the van. This day, however, I had to because I was tired of not depositing a big fat check that's been on our desk for at least that long.

So, we drove to the bank, then the Petco to get crab food, then Home Depot (in GHN, these stores are all within a quarter mile of each other) to get the soil amendments we need for the new bed and flowers for G's garden, which suffered a BiscuitBoy plot.

It just felt good to be OUT like citizens again. D-baby was so inspired by our journeys that he started volunteering for Home Depot. The checker was so amused by it she could barely talk, but I got the camera out. (Guy behind me was PISSED, too. Butthead.)

On the way home, we saw that the tide was so low on the Purdy Spit that people were hard to SEE at the edge of the water. That inspired our own beachy adventure. Life is good. Yes, yes, yes. No schedule but our own.


  1. Is that 'cause you have just your kids again?


    Enjoy! Wasn't it pretty again today?

  2. Goofy Mama.

    You know better than that!

    It was gorgeous, and we scaled the secret staircase!