Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mother Rising

We had a mother blessing yesterday for Snaygirl. I'd never been to one before, much less planned it. It was beautiful. It was a perfect collection of mothers, too, to bolster her before her new journey begins. We read this to her:

Within you the tree of life

within us

springs the very

seed and substance

of life itself

within us

lives the mighty

faith and power

to heal ourselves

within us

the heart of true love opens

breathes and nurtures

the soul of the world

within you

flows the luminous

essence and presence

of divine wisdom

within you

your awakening spirit

illumines the holy path

of personal transformation

within you

the tree of life blossoms

creates and gives birth

to radiant living miracles

-Shiloh Sophia McCloud

There is such a power in intention. Given the love and care that went into the preparation for this, both from the planners and the participants, I had expected things to go well for Snaygirl, no matter what actually transpired during the blessing. What I did not expect was a blessing for me as well. I was able for the first time ever to cook for and plan an event for a personal situation. I have worked with others professionally, but never with another friend as a friend for a friend. I have made beautiful tables before, even worked brought in another chef to do so, and then had to walk away, satisfied with the work but idly wondering what the participants would say and do. I was enter a new phase in my own life where, yes, I can work well with others. This was done in a circle of filial love and trust and respect. It was awesome.