Thursday, April 26, 2007

Popcorn for breakfast

Today the kids had popcorn for breakfast. We popped corn on the stove then served it in cereal bowls with milk, just as G&N learned from Alton Brown's Good Eats. Talk about child-led hilarity. They seem to like it, but I am not sure if they'd tell me if they didn't.

I told R-dreamer about it, and she remembers the same experience at a Farm school when she was young. She told me it made such an impression that she begged her mother for popped corn for breakfast the next day.

~G~ says "It was kind of weird feeling on the top of my mouth. It was a little tasty. It just needs some sugar on it. The TV show said it was healthy, and the guy who loved Popcorn ate popcorn all of the all of the time!"

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  1. We have done this once before and we used honey, maple syrup, jelly (different variations). The kids thought it was pretty ok.......but said they would rather have beans and cheese or malt o meal for breakfast. LOL