Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow day-- and not just a smatter

The news said "light dusting of snow." This is the most we've gotten this year! We live so close to the water we rarely get anything, so this 4 inches is a lot for us.. This past week when C-family was sledding in 6 inches we barely got two, and it melted quickly. So this was nice to wake up to. Even in the cloud cover, it's so bright inside we don't need lights. It's so tranquil!

My hand wasn't so steady so the stitching is wonky on the last one, but there you have it!
(Click to see)

And I will be adding a Tamera picture too! ETA: I waited too long and now the ledge snow fell off. Darnit! I don't care. I missed the shot because I was making snowmen and sledding with my babies.

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