Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm tired.

I really adore my MIL. I do.

But the only person I've ever wanted in myhome this long was P-Daddy. She's adorable, and she is loving, and bends over backwards to ....just be. She's awesome, affirming, supportive, hard-working and omigosh, such a good Grandma to the kids.

It's just the houseguest thing. If we lived closer, she could come over any time she wanted, and we wouldn't feel the need for having marathon visits. I miss knitting night. I miss hanging with my extended homies. I need to just stare.

But oy, then I'd have to do my own laundry! :p

For those of you who know my kids personally, this is how she effects them:

D thinks he owns her. Schnaybaby thinks she is his gramma, too, which is right in line with being Cousin Schnaybaby. G includes Gramma into all her plans, wants to make jewelry with her, shares her coins with her and wants to work Halloween plans around her. She's dragged Gramma all over Washington showing her The Things Gramma Must See. N has given up his bed (voluntarily; we don't play that way here) to her and wants her to come back anytime, and she can sleep in his bed again.

So, one can not begrudge one's children their web. Not one bit.

And did I mention she's a laundry machine?


  1. Hang in there. I'm looking forward to your "return."

  2. Fish and houseguests start to stink after three days.

    Still, I'm so happy your kids are getting their Grandma fix.