Sunday, October 15, 2006

Garden shift change

G is a gardening wonder. Sometimes I just adore watching the years we've put into her come bubbling out. She's so into gardening with us. We took out the summering plants to compost and she helped weed the gardens and put in the winter green plugs.

Taking out summering plants included harvesting the remaining tomatoes, potatoes, sunflower heads and green beans. Ever pulled up and composted sunflower stalks? That was her job, by choice.

N and G both put in the greens plugs and checked on our baby winter squash. I hope we get a winter garden out of this!


  1. Go G go!!!! You need to take pictures of the winter garden! I wish I had my shidizzle together and had one going!!!

    I can tell how proud of your girlie from this post! Giave me warm fuzzies!! *kiss* *kiss* *smooch* *smooch

  2. I have some cornstalks she can pull too when she's done with the sunflowers. *LOL*

    Get this. My winter garden was going well and the f-ing critter is back.