Monday, October 02, 2006


This is where our anniversary tree will go. We don't have it yet, but hey we're getting there. Our favorite place was out of stock! Ack!


  1. And here I was like - wow is this some new homeschooling thing - letting them make a big hole for mud play? Seriously! I would have spent hours out there at G's age - mud pies were my specialty!

  2. Actually, you're right! They do have a section in the back corner of the yard where they are allowed to dig. They have their own tools, construction big toys, etc. You homeschoolin' mama you!

  3. Can I say how pissed I am that there's not one f-ing rock in that picture.

    That's it, forget laundry, I'm hexing you with rocks!

  4. Shah too late. There were literally hundreds of them. The ones in the bottom were getting so big we had to pull them out like birthing babies, before we could get to the dirt.

    We're making cairns with them!