Friday, August 04, 2006

Why extended warranties are good

Let's just say, my van made magic smoke today. We were en route, just G and I, to her dr to get new epipen prescriptions. On the spit of land over Henderson Bay, the van started to really reek. I pulled over to investigate while smoke, not steam, billowed forth. The acrid smell really alarmed me so I ordered G to unbuckle and get to the door while I pulled into a makeshift parking space and cut the ignition. I got her to a safe distance and I checked out the situation.

Enter AAA, grateful-spirit calls to Schnaygirl who had the other two, and much bustle while we maneuvered van to shop and people to home.

So. No epipens for G, no happy pills for me.

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    You have some bad car ju-ju kinda thing going on. Maybe we should all sacrifice something or pray or whatever.