Friday, August 11, 2006

The D-meister and the pool

We went a la familia to the open swim at the local pool tonight. G and N were showing off, relaxing and having fun with the instaplaymates there at open swim. It was nice having P-daddy participate in something that has been consuming so much of our time and energy. The water was also warm, which was a nice change from the South Kitsap pool N and I had visited a few weeks ago. That was cold!

The star of the evening for me, though, was little man D. He has not been in a pool since the day of his birth, and I thought from some of his behaviour this summer with the kiddie pools that he might not like it at all. I guess watching all the kids have fun without him for so long immured him to any fear.... he jumped in and went for it. Long after he was blue lipped and shivering, D was doing the count "uh TWO fer!" and jumping at me. We could get him to float sometimes, and he enjoyed being whirred around like a little motor boat, but his definite activity of choice was jumping in the pool.

Let's hope this is the kid who stays unafraid of the water! :)

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