Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tagged for weirdness

Me weird? Nah.

I've been tagged by the Daily Crunchy to reveal 6 weird and interesting things about me:

(I am recycling one because if homeschooling is weird, then hey I can use it.)

1. I would be so grateful and happy if I could morph myself and my family into the world of LOST, monsters and all. I grew up in that climate and could totally build a bamboo house and live off the land.

2. I speak French without thinking about it sometimes, but would much rather be fluent in Spanish.

3. I have at least 12 years of photographs in various storage forms (boxes, sleeves from Costco developing and digital files) and still don't have framed pictures up in this house where we have lived for one year now.

4. I homeschool my children.

5. I worked as a nude model for artists while I was in college. 15 dollars an hour was big money then.

6. If I could make my living as a multimedia artist, I would be so much happier, but I am terrified to even show my work to even my closest friends. Instead, I have been a graphic designer / marketing professional, a social worker and a personal chef. In college, I edited two newspapers.

You're supposed to tag 6 more people, pass it on, so I am tagging:

NikiRJ, Rockingthistle, Pwincess Tewa, Danelle, Jesse and Danya


  1. I don't know about wierd, but definately facts I would have never known or guessed.

  2. Nope, you can't use homeschool. It's too much the norm around here. And if they don't listen to me about da Muffin Man, I'll be joining the ranks with him.


  3. oh no! I missed this. Sorry! I find it FACINATING about the nude modeling. I am no where CLOSE to as weird as you! LOL

  4. Danya!

    Dude, you're supposed to post it in YOUR BLOG not on ~A~'s comments page!