Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Can't get ahead.

So the van was officially on fire.

The starter, which had been cranky, apparently wouldn't stop "starting" while I was driving that day. It caught fire and then baked itself so badly that I can't even change it out with a core charge. It took the wiring harness and the battery with it.

Then they said we have a "significant coolant leak" which pissed me off because in February, they replaced the radiator and the water pump, which is partly why we're mired in credit card hell. I told him he'd better have a very nice answer to me on that one because those parts pretty much are the coolant system, and I didn't expect to hear much more about it once they'd repaired that.


  1. I am sorry to hear about the van, I surely would think those people should take care of it. Especially since this sounds like it was directly related to THEIR tinkering and replacing. Sending you strength to put them in their place. HUGS!

  2. Dumbasses. You should probably make yourself a drink before you go down there tomorrow.


  3. the hell? WTF? Is any of it covered by your plan?


  4. Nope. It's will be one week tmmr without a van.

  5. That SO TERRIBLY HORRIBLY SUCKS. OMG suckass mechanics :(.

  6. OMG! Can you feel my lividness. Partially since I know the type of luck you have with vans first hand.


    Do I hear "the green tortoise" in your future? *LOL*

    And since I actually made it this way to visit and see that you tagged me with a MEME, I guess I'll get working with that schizzle.


  7. oh, shit. It's so hard to find good mechanics. Those bastards better be giving you a kick back on their shoddy workmanship.