Sunday, January 29, 2006

Birds and Elk and Husbands Oh my!

The bird feeder is an amazing success. The kids are LOVING it, the birds are loving it and the husband is engaged. We printed out the pdf book from Seattle Audobon and the children are using the field guide to (correctly) identify what they're seeing. Black capped chicadee, Steller's Jay, Spotted Towhee and Song sparrow are the most frequent visitors. They've gone through 2 pounds of sunflower seed in 24 hours.

G has been inspired to pull out the zoobooks library and has now found the ornithology magazine and is absorbing that. In the meantime, P and N were looking through the rest of them. P brought me a picture and said, "are these the deer you saw on nikirj's street?" and indeed they were...I'd seen a herd of ELK.

I am so not in SC anymore!

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