Friday, January 27, 2006

Yesterday I installed some natural light bulbs. It helped with my mood a bit, but the glaring sunshine today has gone a LONG way towards lifting me up.

Yesterday while we were at Home Depot buying the bulbs, we spied some birdfeeders. They were very inexpensive so we snagged two and Voila! instant homeschool project for today.

We got a feed sock like this one and a tube feeder. We're going to discuss which bird feed we bought (thistle, sunflower seeds) attract which kinds of birds, placement of the feeders, and the anatomy of a bird. I am using zoobooks as source material and coloring pages from enchanted learning as action materials.

Homeschool budgeting just doesn't get any finer than that. For less than ten dollars, we have lessons for the day and enrichment for home and education for the rest of the YEAR.

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