Thursday, February 02, 2006

The newer van.....

The one we bought to avoid the problems like this....

That one....

Won't start.


One day sooner than later, we will kill all our consumer debt and be able to afford new vehicles. Or at least easy-to-maintain vehicles. I was really committed to driving one vehicle for a long, long, long time but the Windstar just costed itself out.

We have a friend coming over tonight to look at it, verify whether it is the alternator. If it IS then we are lucky and got off easy. If it isn't then we will have to look into busting out the powertrain warranty and hoping it is covered.

I have always wanted a T&C and I really like this van, but it is still an older model (97) with the little issues that go along with it. At least it's cute. No one would confuse my teal green Windstar with cute.

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