Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wherein they get the seasons right-- and the community spirit, too

We had an unexpected treat yesterday, which was a nice result of trying to do something nice for our buddies. Nikirj has moved to GH, which is a big deal for us, and I get to show her new stuff which is fun for both of us. Yesterday P-daddy kicked us out while he (delightfully) steam cleaned the wall to wall carpets in every room of our house, so I was wandering aimlessly. I stopped by the C-family's house and asked them if they wanted to go to Harbor Greens. While we were there, a lady from next door Forza asked us if we wanted to carve pumpkins. We politely declined, because that is something we usually do with P-daddy, and because we didn't really understand what they were doing.

How cool is it where we live?

Forza was giving away huge jack o'lantern sized pumpkins, scooping them out for the kids, carving the faces (or letting the big ones do it themselves) and giving the kids candles for the pumpkins. In addition, they took a picture of each kid with their jack o'lantern to email to the parents and then gave them some candy. When they were all done, they gave each child a free hot chocolate. Wow! We completely didn't expect that from a random trip to the market, but I was plenty proud to show off our adopted community to our newest resident. (And I scored some of their pumpkin scoopage for the compost pile).

Today P-daddy will take the kids like we do every year to a proper pumpkin patch to select the family Jack o'lantern; we like the family tradition of it all. We're bummed that we didn't get our pumpkins from the garden this year, but I have to admit I like to take the kids the the hay mazes and stuff. It's fun. Pictures to come.


  1. Oh that sounds so cool ~L~ I have to say many times I am envious of your lifestyle, but also so happy for you because you are deserving of it. Can't wait to see Daddy Jack o lantern photos. Rob does it with the kids every year too.

  2. That just makes me all hot, a man cheerfully using a steam-cleaner. And with kids as cute as those, I'd have no choice but to love their names! Especially that bee. That's one cute bee. :)