Thursday, October 23, 2008

My son has his seasons wrong

Sometimes, as a homeschooling mother, I find that I can take a midday shower in reasonable safety of having the house and children well and intact when I get out. Sometimes, however, bedlam ensues and that is just something you have to expect when you leave three clever children unattended.

After lunch, I left the kids in the schoolroom. D-meister and the lady were doing crafts together. N-man was playing runescape. I saw my chance and took it. But the shower felt good. Oh yes, it felt good to sit there with the warm water just flowing over my head.

Foolish ~L~.

I was drying off in the bedroom when I saw a yellow streak fly by. There was a gigantic bee in my (almost) fallow garden. By gigantic, I mean 3.5 year old human child sized. D-meister had found the bee costume, stripped down and put it on. He even remembered rain boots.

We know not to ask why, as parents, but there was a reason to this. As I bolted out the door to catch this on camera, I noticed my seed saving pile by the back door had been mussed. D-meister had stripped some of the purple runner beans and was outside, as a bee, planting them.